Hautelook Summer Essentials Kit Review, Photos & Swatches


I am a HUGE Hautelook fan and I love the great deals they always have. If you don’t know, Hautelook is an online store (owned by Nordstrom) that has flash sales for everything you can think of. Flash sales on Hautelook include fashion, accessories, home decor, beauty and more. You know I’ll be all up on Hautelook for the beauty sales they always come out with. If you want to start shopping, simply click here and see what amazing deals there are right at this moment!


Hautelook Summer Essentials Kit


Hautelook frequently comes out with seasonal beauty bags curated for a specific season. Though I’ve never purchased any of the other seasonal beauty bags in the past, I finally found one that interest me. This Hautelook Summer Essentials Beauty Bag caught my attention when I saw certain brands included in the bag. Brands like: L’Occitane, Urban Decay, LORAC, NYX Cosmetics and Mirenesse are some that tickled my fancy when I saw this bag for sale online. I bought this kit for $20 USD + shipping! It’s such a great deal…you’ll see.

*Please note: This bag was a limited edition bag and is no longer on sale on the Hautelook site. Hautelook frequently releases seasonal beauty bags and will surely be coming out with a Fall Beauty Bag so stay tuned for the upcoming sale they’ll have.

Let’s just cut to the chase, shall we? Below are individual close-up’s and product information according to the product information card that was included in this Summer Beauty Essentials bag.


Blow Pro After Blow Strong Hold Finishing Spray (Travel Size)

Blow Pro After Blow, Strong Hold Finishing Spray Price of Travel Size ($4.75/1.5oz)

  • “Get all-day hold from this quick-dry super-spray that zaps frizz and flyaways.”
  • For a girl with a whole lot of hair, I can never have too much hairspray. This will be a great product to take with me on trips outside of town. Plus, I have never tried this brand before so I’m excited.


LashFood Nano-Peptide Natural EyeLASH Conditioner (Deluxe Sample)

LashFood Nano-Peptide Natural EyeLASH Conditioner Price of Full Size ($80.00/5ml)

  • “Nature’s most powerful ingredients deliver at the cellular level to feed and strengthen lashes.”
  • HOLY SMOKES, $80 for a full size version of this! I guess it’s worth a try. I never really tried an eyelash conditioner before so I’m super excited to see how this LashFood EyeLASH Conditioner will work for my short lashes.


L. Erickson Grab n’ Go Pony Compact (3pc)

L. Erickson Grab n’ Go Pony Compact (3pc)

L. Erickson Grab n’ Go Pony Compact Price of Set of ($10.00/8pcs)

  • “Stay polished with fun, colored pony-tail holders that come in a grab-n-go, pocket-sized compact.”
  • Never heard of this brand until I googled it and Nordstrom has a huge selection of hair accessories from L. Erickson. I love the compact. The compact will conveniently make it easy to throw my bands in my purse without losing them in the jungle I’ve created.


L’Occitane Shea Hand Cream (Mini Sample)

L’Occitane Shea Hand Cream Price of Full Size ($12.00/1oz)

  • “Enriched with Shea Butter, this super-creamy balm penetrates skin quickly to nourish and moisturize.”
  • I love mini and/or travel-size hand creams and I love L’Occitane products so you already know what I’m going to say… this stuff is amazing and very nourishing for my hands.


Diptyque Eau de Toilette Fragrance (sample)

Diptyque Eau de Toilette Fragrance Price of Full Size ($88.00/50ml)

  • “Made for women and men, this enticing scent uses only the finest raw ingredients.”
  • I am very particular about the scents I wear and I’m not too fond of the scent. I’ll just pass this along to a dear friend who would enjoy it..not a biggy.


Whish Orange Cream Body Butter (Deluxe Sample)

Whish Orange Cream Body Butter (a Nordstrom Exclusive) Price of Full Size ($54.00/34oz)

  • “Try a truly indulgent body cream in a fresh new scent, exclusive to Nordstrom.”
  • When they say “indulgent,” they mean it. This smells delicious and I don’t mind wearing it after a nice warm shower. I’m so surprised that I enjoy this scent so much since I’m not a fan of citrus scents.


TanTowel Half Body Classic Self Tanning Towelettes (1 towelette)

TanTowel Half Body Classic Self Tanning Towelettes Price of Set ($24.00/10pcs)

  • “Easy-to-apply self-tanning towelettes give you a sun-kissed look the smart way.”
  • Don’t know if it’s just me but I’m not a tanner so I don’t relate to tanning products to say the least. I totally understand why this is included in this summer essentials kit but it’s definitely not for me. Going to pass this along to a friend as well.


Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Lip Pencil in Naked (Deluxe Sample)

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Lip Pencil in Naked (Swatched)

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Lip Pencil in Naked Price of Full Size ($19.00/0.04oz)

  • “This pencil glides on smoothly to keep lipstick, gloss and stains from feathering out of bounds.”
  • YAY! I’m so happy to have gotten the new Urban Decay travel size lip pencil in this kit. I don’t like to spend much on lip liners as I do on lipsticks…that’s just me. This lip pencil is so versatile and will pair with a lot of my lipsticks. I’m a happy camper.


LORAC Special Effects Mascara in Black Pearl (Full Size)

LORAC Special Effects Mascara in Black Price of Full Size ($23.00/.35oz)

  • “Get a double dose of lashes with a primer on one side and a lengthening mascara on the other.”
  • I haven’t tried anything from LORAC besides my holy grail Pro Palette, so I was extremely excited to see this mascara included in the kit. So far I’m loving it!


Crown Brush 5pc Travel Brush Set (Travel Size)

Crown Brush Travel Brush Set Price of Travel Brush Set ($4.45/5pc)

  • “This travel set included everything you need for makeup applications on the go, all in a compact case.”
  • First off, I own many crown brushes and they are amazing and great quality. This travel brush set looks and feels cheap to me and it is as you can see the price of it. I do have my favorite travel brushes so I may just give this to a friend who wants it since I’ll make no use of it. *sad face


Miracle 10 AHA Cream (Deluxe Sample)

Miracle 10 AHA Cream Price of Full Size ($64.00/50ml)

  • “Rejuvenate skin with this rich, emollient cream to effectively exfoliate dull skin.”
  • I do a little research before trying products on my skin and the ideal skin type for this cream is “delicate/dry skin” which I don’t have. Passing this product on to a friend again.


NYX Cosmetics Extra Creamy Round Lipstick in Vitamin (Full Size)

NYX Cosmetics Extra Creamy Round Lipstick in Vitamin (Swatched)

NYX Cosmetics Extra Creamy Round Lipstick in Vitamin (Swatched)

NYX Cosmetics Extra Creamy Round Lipstick in Vitamin Price of Full Size ($4.00/0.14oz)

  • “This mineral-based formula offers a beautiful velvet texture saturated in summer’s best shade.”
  • Eeek, I don’t know if I love this shade just yet. I adore NYX lipsticks but this shade is described as, Shimmering Peach (Pearl Finish) and that it is. It looks quite metallic when I swatched it on my lips so I’ll have to get used to it or just simply mix my lipsticks to create a custom color.


Mirenesse Lip Bomb in #30 Mirror Me (Full Size)

Mirenesse Lip Bomb in #30 Mirror Me (Swatched)

BONUS: Mirenesse Lip Bomb in #30 Mirror Me Price of Full Size ($35.00/0.11oz)

  • “This innovative lip color combines gloss, stain and lacquer all in one multi-tasking product.”
  • Before purchasing this kit, Hautelook stated that 1 of the 4 colors (#20, #22, #27 or #30) will be included and I was excited to receive any color because Mirenesse Lip Bombs are AMAZING! I got my first Lip Bomb in my October 2012 Ipsy Bag and I’ve been obsessed since then! The color I got looks crazy but I’m excited to mix with other lipsticks or lip glosses for that extra pop!

I didn’t photograph the clear bag individually but it is a great bag to store products during summer and year-round. The clear casing will help me locate products easily without having to dig. It will be my go-to travel bag. Way to go Hautelook.


This was a great catch and an amazing deal! This Hautelook Summer Essentials Beauty Bag has a value of a little over $100 (for 13 items) but I only paid $20 + shipping. That is INSANE! I cannot wait for Hautelook to release next season’s beauty bag…I think I’m hooked. In some of the annotations, I mentioned that I was going to pass the product off to a friend and don’t take it the wrong way because I really don’t mind. I don’t need to be greedy with what I buy, sharing is caring right. *giggles

Did you get a chance to buy this limited edition Hautelook Beauty Bag? If so, link your review below so I can read it or simply comment below to tell me your thoughts. 🙂